Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pancakes or Flying saucers?

Breakfast: My favourite way to start the morning.  It jumpstarts your day, making you feel satisfied, happy, and energized, all of course are amplified if you make an amazing breakfast or go out for an exquisite brunch.  Either way, I love breakfast.

So it's quite often that my friends and I decide to go for brunch, and Jethro's was our spot that Saturday morning.  As an east-side style of diner, it serves everything from burgers to pancakes and even alligator bites.  It's location on Dunbar is convenient for us Westsiders, allowing us to have reasonably priced, exceptional food, all in the comfort of our backyard.

I've heard of their infamous pancakes before coming to dine here, and decided that I would try them out.  Little did I know, when my other friends were explaining the size to me, they were not exaggerating one tiny bit when they said they were two pancakes, larger than frisbee's, with the width of a finger and a half. Yes, they really are that big, don't believe me? Look below.
They're pancake selection is quite something too, its not your regular pancake.  Not at all.  They've concocted brilliant selections such as "Grrrreat Cakes:
Buttermilk stack with frosted flakes and fresh strawberries baked right in. 
Served with whipped cream", which surprisingly were REALLY good.  The above picture is "The Rooster: A shot of espresso and dark chocolate chips folded into our buttermilk recipe. Topped with whipped cream, with the option of adding chocolate gravy".  Every delicate bite of the fluffy pancake melted in my mouth, with the occasional shot of espresso or chocolate chips.  Did I mention that when the whipped cream soaked through the pancake, it make it taste THAT MUCH BETTER.  You may be sick of pancakes for a little while, but during the moment, it's so worth it.

The closest pancake: Grandma's pancakes
Middle: Strawberries and cream
Farthest: The rooster

So this $9 meal was my breakfast, and snack(s) for a few days, as there was plenty of leftovers.  Is it worth the price? Hell yeeah. Its a great price for what you get quite honestly, but that's when we're talking about the pancakes.  I've yet to go back to try to french toast, which I'm looking forward to.

The Omelet on the other hand is a different story...
I found that my mushroom, pepper, and cheese three egg omelet was meh.  Nothing special there.  The hashbrowns were also just normal potatoes, that were fried.  Taste wise, they were also just ehh.  The toast was on the dry side, but I enjoyed the colour of the rye toast haha

So my suggestion is, stick with the pancakes for brunch time, because that's what stood out pour moi.

So you can see how big the pancakes are in relation to our (not petit but made petit by the pancakes) selves

Check out their other great menu choices at http://www.jethrosfinegrub.com

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  1. I'm thinking about going back to Jethro's soon, but I'm not sure if I should stick to the pancakes or try the French toast... Opinions anyone?

    What is your favourite menu item at Jethro's? Be specific about pancakes!