Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not as comforting as mom's comfort food, but still decent

Comfort Food makes you feel like a teddy bear: warm and fluffy inside.  So when White Spot introduced their new Comfort Food menu, I thought I'd give it a try.

So the Creamy Curry Chicken it was.

That doesn't seem much like comfort food, and it did not create the "warm and fluffy" sensation, but I'd have to say it was alright for a non-authentic Indian curry.  (I'm not Indian so I'm not an expert on Indian curry but I've had Indian curry before so I used that as my comparison).  Ironically, my favourite part of the dish was the broccoli, there was something about the texture that made it so perfect.  They were soft, yet still had a little crunch.  Smothered in the curry sauce... yumm.  Add the rice pilaf and you have a decent meal, if only it came with some naan bread.

Of course it's nothing compared to other dishes available out there, but for White Spot, it's worth a try.

The seafood fusillini on the other hand was in war with my tastebuds.  The noodles were too soft to my liking, the sauce was not "sauce" like (too much tomato), and the whole dish was just not what you would expect out of a pasta dish.  Hoping to receive al dente noodles, those dreams were shattered with a plate of limpy pasta.  This is why White Spot is not attracting Italians.

As for pictures, I wish I took some but I was in such a rush (thank my dad) that I wasn't able to take any.  Next time, I promise you'll have some visuals.

For now, eat yourself silly with chocolates as Valentines day is soon!

Check out their menu:
White Spot Comfort Food Menu

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